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Squamish Can Featured Photo

Squamish Can

We will be starting next week with our garden instruction with Squamish CAN!
Drop Off and Pick Up routines Featured Photo

Drop Off and Pick Up routines

GET TO SCHOOL SAFELY: Our top priority is the safety of our students. Whether you’re headed to school, or just trying to get where you’re going: • Plan ahead. Give yourself more time to travel. Fewer cars in the school area reduce conflict, so avoid driving into a congested school area if you can walk, carpool or ride your bike if you can • Slow down. Obey 30 km/hr speed limits in school and playground zones. • Pay attention. Set aside distractions, and please respect and follow the laws. Distracted driving and impatient actions put our students at risk.

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Happy New Year!

A message from our New Principal Jeff Maynard is coming soon.