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To contact a staff member by email, their email address will be first initial, last name followed by  For example, Chrissy MacDonald is 
Acting Principal
Mrs. K. Birch
Administrative Assistant 
Mrs. S. Clegg
Support Staff
Mrs. C. MacDonald, Clerical Assistant
Ms. J. Minkus, Learning Services Teacher
Ms. C. Eaves, Learning Services Teacher
Ms. T. Wilkinson, Collaborative Support Teacher
Ms. L. Jensen, Performing Arts Teacher
Mrs. A. Thomson, Performing Arts Teacher
Mr. E. Swinton, Physical and Health Education Teacher
Ms. R. Kranz, Teacher Librarian
Mrs. B. Schulz, School Counselor
Classroom Teaching Staff
Ms. K. Sollid
Ms. K. Wylie
Mrs. J. Hyttenrauch   
Ms. S. Clegg
Ms. S. Reed
Ms. D. Gilchrist
Ms. L. O’Neill
Ms. N. Babuin
Ms. P. Lock
Mrs. S. Sissons 
Ms. J. Yates
Ms. D. Shea
Ms. S. Wagner 
Ms. T. Wilkinson
Ms. J. Buxton
Ms. S. Jones
Education Assistants
Mrs. A. Askew
Mrs. K. Alder
Ms. L. Bland
Ms. N. Daney
Ms. C. Kinney
Ms. L. Mawson
Ms. N. Sjogren
Ms. I. Dineen


Ms. S. Schaefer
Ms. D. Bois