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MyEducation BC Parent Portal

Please click here to access the MyEd Parent Portal.
Report cards will be published on the MyEd BC Parent Portal.
How to successfully login into your MyEd BC account:
It is recommended that you do not set up your account for the first time using a mobile device. Login on a desktop computer.
Don’t use Google or any other search engine to find MyEd. USe the link above.
Using a mobile device: Please view this  video to learn how to view & collect published PDF documents with a mobile device:
Your login ID:
Students - this is your student number.
Parents - refer to the system-generated email you received when the account was created.
If you forget your password:
Enter your Login ID and click on “I forgot my password”.
MyEd will email you a new temporary password.
DO NOT copy & paste the password as the copy process sometimes adds space. It MUST be entered exactly. It is case-sensitive.
Criteria to reset a new password:
  • 8 minimum, 14 maximum characters
  • 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special symbol or character: # or $ or ! or @
  • Your password cannot contain first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, personal id or sequential letters or numbers
  • Samples of acceptable password: Jan2017$/Snow999!/Welcome1$
  • Write your password down and keep it in a secure area for future reference
Passwords are good for 90 days, at which time after a successful login you will be required to create a new password immediately. Ten unsuccessful login attempts will disable your account and if this happens, you will have to request that your account be re-activated by emailing [email protected]. This may take several days.
If you have any issues logging into the MyEd Parent Portal, email [email protected]. Please make sure to include your student's name and PEN number.