Garden News

With the food the garden provided this fall, the students have tasted some raw veggies fresh from the garden and new recipes. All the rest of the food has been donated. 


Good job to all the children for this nice week of harvest ! 


Please Note for the next couple weeks that we will be outside : 

As the days get colder and wetter, the children need to be set up for success while attending to the garden class. Make sure to come up with the proper clothing. Dress in layers, sweater, rain gear, rain boots, and a hat. 


Set up for success also means warm hands : As gardeners we use our hands a lot and sometimes we need to protect them.  We will get our hands dirty playing in the soil weeding, harvesting, planting more garlic, etc.  With the cold temperatures and only cold water to wash our hands, they will get cold.  To keep our hands warm and clean, the best thing to do is to wear gloves. If possible, please provide your child with a nice pair of gardening gloves. The gardening class will be way more enjoyable. 


Thanks for everyone’s participation.

See you in the garden. 


Marc-André Gagnon
Edible Schoolyard Project coordinator